Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Unique Counter Top Paint

Counter tops are already a beautiful add on to your kitchen. Aside from its appeal, it gives you the benefit of saving space and of having an area where you could do anything that you need for food preparation. To have better counter top effects, you need to paint it to achieve a more vibrant appeal. The counter top paint can also serve as a protective coat on your counter tops. By painting them with the matching colors that you like, you'll be able to give them a better look plus you can protect it from any unwanted damage.

Counter Top Paint and the Other Things You Need

If you decide to paint your counter top on your own, then you need to get things organized first, the first step would be gathering all the materials you need to avoid any delay in time after you've started the counter top paint job. You need to look for the following items on a hardware store and canvass its prices to make you save more; here are the things you would need: water, ammonia, sandpaper, bonding primer, paint rollers, polyurethane sealer and any choice of color for your perfect counter top paint. If you have everything ready, then you can start beautifying your counter tops right away.

There are measures you need to do before applying your counter top paint. First off, you need to cleanse the counter area with half ammonia and half water solution. You have to rinse it well and let it dry for a couple of hours. After which, you need to sand the surface of the countertop to take the shine off but not the color.

The second step would entail rolling the primer and let it stay overnight if you can. Remember to stay away from the bubbles as it might cause an ugly blemish if you start to paint. Counter top paint can then be applied after a day's wait. You have to apply three full coatings and dry the paint thoroughly after each painting.

The fourth step would be applying the clear polyurethane sealer using two to three coats. Like the counter top paint, you need to dry every after one coat of the sealer. Lastly, you have to wait for a period of twenty-four hours before you can utilize your new counter top area.

Counter Top Paint: Some Tips and Warnings

During the application of a counter top paint, you need to remember a few tips and tricks to guide you in the painting process, and these are: tape off the areas which you wouldn't want to paint on, the kitchen could not be used for a couple of days while you are painting, allow proper ventilation to the area by opening windows, avoid chemical counter top paint reactions by wearing mask, gloves and goggles; and lastly, protect the newly painted area by avoiding scratches and stains.

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