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Wire Shelves or Polymer Grid Shelves Selecting the Appropriate Product Finish

iPad Stands
In today's planet, iPad must be regarded as as the eighth question of the entire world. It subsists of many attributes like employing it in both vertically and horizontally. Working towards this, we can alter its angles although looking through, typing, searching the internet, assembly game titles, getting pictures at diverse angles, or viewing videos/pictures. For many of us,

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What Men Secretly Want

This is eventually my guidance to you: begin to look at your connection as anything that is very significant, anything that you happen to be going to master, some thing that you are going to truly study, apply a lot of conscious work to. The only way you are going to get laid, and then get a relationship and potentially a marriage, is if you start out to work on oneself. You cannot be in scarcity mode and be in a effective partnership. Because your neediness, the lack of abundance that you have, is going to manifest and is going to creep into that connection. In genuine life what takes place is that when you have got a desperate guy or a desperate girl and they come collectively, what takes place is that desperation seeps in there and toxifies their partnership. Or not fucked, as the case could be. You can not keep a prosperous partnership like that. It will destroy the relationship. Finance creates a lot of tension in a partnership. The partnership is going to finish. Spiritual suggestions.

Please stop by my weblog for relevant discussions and assistance surrounding healthy and unhealthy interactions surrounding fear and really like on the net. The ladies can use the apology writer located at the Apology Writer For Females ! It's fine if you appreciate beards or lengthy legs or girls with short hair or males who put on jewelry.

On a single level, this tends to make sense-and certainly, we believe love What Men Secretly Want Review occurs when you stop bitching and get a life, that is, cultivate your personal interests and hobbies, quit fixating on any a single outcome and believing a relationship will resolve all your challenges. This is an extreme instance, but a frequent refrain of specific tips sects tells ladies and guys to pretend they like activities that they do not to gauge a date's interest, such as Fantasy Football or Tupperware parties. We've never ever recognized everyone to flush a connection down the toilet for not flushing a toilet.

For instance, you will need to believe about how to please your man in order to recognize a profitable connection devoid of attempting out anything fancy. The #2 supply for relationship assistance is good friends attempting to break you up for their own purposes. Jane Eyre dared argue that ugly ladies could marry, if the man was useless to society. By the Victorian era, ladies have been regarded as too frail for anything hardier than gossiping, fainting or prostitution. Because giving birth would have exploded them into a shimmering red mist, females ordered their babies from the Pumblechook & Figg catalog. Victorian males emerged furious from the coke mines, and swore to avenge this outrage, even if it meant sleeping with their wives. As soon as allowed outside, girls quickly won the battle of the sexes, thanks to superior intelligence and unflappable insanity. Millions of guys lost their lifestyles in tragically content marriages to innocent-eyed beauties. Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship.

The most common fantasy men go over is a three-way, typically involving their companion and a further woman, specialists say. Men typically want to tell you their fantasies but worry you won't be comfortable with them, Dow says, so ask in a loving, nonjudgmental way. Most guys masturbate to pornography simply because their brains crave visual stimulation even though being stimulated in, um, other strategies. And do not be concerned: Although guys want to you to be passionate in the bedroom and have the self-confidence of a porn star, guys say they don't anticipate or even necessarily want their woman to be as crazy as porn stars, says Barry McCarthy, Ph.D., certified sex and marriage therapist and author of Discovering Your Couple Sexual Style. A lot of males uncover it erotically charging when the lady is pretty affirming during sex, McCarthy says.

And you absolutely don't have to be in a relationship to give partnership suggestions. In case you loved this post and you would like to receive much more information relating to What Men Secretly Want assure visit our own web-site. They're each carrying out what all ladies (black brown and then some) could strive to do: give it our all (whatever it is!) & benefit from it! Men are hunters by nature, by getting aggressive you take the hunt out of it. An accountant gave me this advice a long time ago A married couple need to have 4 bank accounts. It takes males longer to say those 3 words then it does females. A sturdy, healthful partnership can be 1 of the finest supports in your life. On the other hand, if the relationship isn't functioning, it can also be a tremendous drain.

Let me be clear: there's a lot of females who think that if it really is not patriarchy it is incorrect. Even though I see it match to mainly focus on male sexism when difficulties of gender inequality come up it makes most sense to focus on patriarchal girls inside this unique context of discussing romantic relationships. For the reason that it is the tacit belief and adherence to patriarchy that is in component responsible for females entering and remaining in unequal and even abusive relationships. It really is like willingly entering into a master/slave relationship and believing that you will be anything more than a slave if you are "properly behaved" even although "slave" is the role you had been place into from the start off. I know that it will have to be confusing for Black women (a lot of older than I) who subscribe to these harmful notions about romantic relationships. But it is quick to drop our way and get caught up in partnership troubles.

Terrible to be endangering your self and setting a terrible example for girls. You don't see the whole relationship assistance for exact same sex couples- that was fascinating and distinct. But I respect and adore her because she is human and a lovely girls from what I've noticed. I bet you are 1 of these Kid OF GOD ladies who strip on the weekends shut up kid. On a side note: Do people today have any idea how ignorant they sound when they get in touch with abused ladies stupid for going back to their abuser. Think me it is simpler stated than performed it's so straightforward to look in the outside and say what you would have performed, some women close to me have but when they have been in their own predicament they did differently.

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Best Offers for Ash Women's Thelma Ter Fashion Sneaker,Black,40 EU/10 M US

Ash Women's Thelma Ter Fashion Sneaker,Black,40 EU/10 M US

Ash Women's Thelma Ter Fashion Sneaker,Black,40 EU/10 M US

List Price : $200.00 Price : $60.00

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Hiring A Fulfillment Center Helps Companies With Their Warehousing Services

The main focus of packaging companies is the packaging of a product according to the requirements of the business and the nature of the items. A contract packager will provide inexpensive, quick and efficient service. It is critical when you choose the right kind of packager, as it may have a positive or negative impact on the customer.

The most popular selection of packaging is clamshell boxes by contract packagers. It associates with a type of case that can use large plastic layers to form a mold and covers the item. Commonly toys for kids are put in this packaging as it can be helpful customers to visibly see the item. Hiring a third-p

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Primary Criteria Among Voice Over Castings Taken Into Account

nearby cable and satellite can be quite varying. Have a look at once look at local business owners promotion. City Television set usually has a more impressive development budget in order that they choose qualified phone expertise. Native voice over castings The next step in place starting from community areas will be native television and radio promotional. Most are cycle businesses that may very well include a portion of your state or simply quite a few suggests. These types of can include eating places, diamond jewelry websites, food restaurants, and an automobile hen houses

attempts nonunion succeed and produce your actual go through and your attributes. Subsequent when you've got the ability you should have a look at signing up AFTRA to get organization work together with radio and TV voice over castings. Quite often as a individual AFTRA an agent will allow you to look over for SAG function as being the voice over casting companies deals are usually denver co flexible. Frequently franchised ingredients will never signs a person if you aren't a member of one of the most labor unions.

This hadn't choose customers and then performing artists lengthy to notice the, at the time reported, online digital audio files could well be mailed during the internetto a good solid at the ready machine or collected within just short minutes as compared with working days. And because the of excellent mics combined with filming gadgets turned out to be inexpensive your home voiceover audio recording galleries started come in dancers sacrifice places and home health care practices along with walkin armoires.

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Biodata - Profil Jokowi (Ir.H.Joko Widodo)

Siapa yang gak kenal tokoh yang satu ini Ir.H.Joko Widodo atau yang lebih terkenal dengan nama Jokowi yang sedang menjadi sorotan masyarakat di Indonesia karena sikap yang ramah dan sangat merakyat sehingga sangat dekat sekali dengan rakyat,terbukti dengan terpilihnya sebagai gubernur ibu kota.

Awal ketenarannya dimulai ketika beliau menjabat sebagai wali kota Surakarta yang bisa selama 2 periode dan dapat dikatakan berhasil memimpin Kota Surakarta,salah sartu faktor yang mengangkat Jokowi terkenal oleh masyarakat Indonesia ketika beliau memperkenalkan mobil Esemka yang merupakan hasil rakitan siswa siswa smk di solo.

Hasil dari kepemimpinannya sekarang sebagai Gubernur DKI Jakarta, Jokowi berhasil mengambil hati masyarakat. Bahkan ada beberapa kelompok masyarakat yang menamai diri mereka "Relawan Jokowi" untuk mendukung Jokowi maju sebagai calon presiden di pemilihan umum 2014 mendatang.

Berikut Biodata - Profil Jokowi (Joko Widodo)

Nama Lengkap : Ir. Joko Widodo
Nama Populer : Jokowi
Lahir : Surakarta, 21 Juni 1961
Partai politik : PDI Perjuangan
Istri : Ny. Hj. Iriana Joko Widodo
Anak: Gibran Rakabumi Raka, Kahiyang Ayu, Kaesang Pangerap
Agama : Islam - Hobby : Penikmat musik rock
Riwayat Pendidikan :
- SDN 111 Tirtoyoso Solo, SMPN 1 Solo, SMAN 6 Solo
- Almamater : Fakultas Kehutanan UGM Yogyakarta lulusan 1985
Pekerjaan : Pengusaha, Eksportir Mebel, Walikota Solo 2005-2010 dan 2010-2015

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Gambar Kata Kata Nasehat Kehidupan

Seperti kata bijak pada umumnya Gambar Kata Kata Bijak ini penuh dengan nasehat untuk kehidupan yang tentunya akan sangat berguna untuk kehidupan kita ini,namun dibalik semua nasehat yang terkandung dalam kata kata bijak tentunya akan banyak hikmah yang bisa kita ambil,untuk bekal di kehidupan ini biar berjalan wajar dan penuh ketenangan.

Gambar Kata Kata Nasehat ini jika kita telaah dan perhatikan dan dimengerti isinya tentu bisa di jadikan prinsip dan pegangan untuk kehidupan ini sehingga kita bisa bersikap arif dan bijaksana dalam menghadapi segala cobaan yang menerpa kehidupan kita.

Untuk itu disini kita akan coba berikan Kumpulan Gambar Kata Kata Bijak Nasehat Untuk Kehidupan yang mudah mudahan bermanfaat untuk kita yang membacanya,adapun gambar kata kata ini bisa kita gunakan sebagai update status facebook, twitter,Google+ , dan juga bisa kita gunakan sebagai DP BBM berikut gambar kata kata yang penuh dengan nasehat:



Mungkin Gambar Kata Kata Bijak diatas bermanfaat untuk kita semua dan menjadi nasehat yang baik dan bijaksana.

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How Does Viral Marketing Work

The process resembles a chain letter. Before proceeding with a viral campaign, the person or company knows exactly what kind of goal they are trying to achieve or what kind of target they are trying to reach. This may be lead generation, brand awareness, profit building, data capture, or something else.

Internet Viral Marketing- Three Effective Steps
Different methods of internet viral marketing may be adopted - eBooks, article marketing, YouTube videos, and social networking websites. Viral campaigns become effective by their very nature which has three steps:
Development of Content thats Worth Spreading (Viral Concept) - This can include helpful information, useful information about a new product, and even some kind of game, quiz, or joke. If the person is really lucky, the viral content could spread to such an extent as to become an international phenomenon. Great ideas, the right sort of distribution, and perfect timing push the chances of success higher.

Starting the Viral Campaign - The second step in the process is to attract traffic and begin the viral campaign. There are a number of methods to do that of which some of the more successful ones are described here. Banner campaigns utilizing Skyscraper and MPU size advertisements with flash media elements are a great technique of generating traffic.
Circulation of a viral campaign to a bought or owned list is also a smart technique because emails can be forwarded to coworkers and friends. It is possible that a website or magazine may cover your viral game. The benefit of submitting press releases is data capture and attraction of traffic.

Posting manually on gaming sites, social bookmarking sites, social networking and competition pages will create interest about the product on websites, forums and blogs having associated content.
The third and final step is the development of quantifiable calls to action such as Register Now, Add to Favorites, Forward to a Friend, and Bookmark This.
If for example, you are striving to make an article go viral, at the end of the article, you would include a link to your website (in the resource box). So when the article is being passed around, the details of your business would also get around and therefore, the popularity of your website would increase.

You would get the same benefits if you create an eBook and gave people free access to it.
Approach a Reliable Company
Now that you know how viral marketing works, you should take advantage of this technique preferably by taking assistance from a professional SEO company.

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Koleksi Gambar Binatang Lucu Dan Unik

Koleksi Gambar Binatang Lucu dan Unik ini hasil searching di internet dan pastinya sudah pada mengetahui tujuannya hanya untuk hiburan semata karena dengan melihat Gambar Hewan Lucu ini dapat membuat kita tertawa dan tentunya akan menghilangkan kepenatan pikiran sehingga bisa membuat emosi kita stabil.

Seperti makhluk hidup yang lain di dunia tingkah laku binatang terkadang aneh aneh dan lucu sehingga membuat kita yang melihat akan tertawa geli dan akan menggeleng gelengkan kepala saking takjub atau merasa aneh.

Berikut Koleksi Gambar Binatang Lucu Dan Unik yang bisa kami sajikan untuk anda dan mudah mudahan bisa menjadi hiburan yang ampuh setidaknya untuk menghilangkan sedikit permasalahan:

Itulah Koleksi Gambar Binatang Lucu Dan Unik yang dapat kami sajikan untuk anda semua.

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How to Create Soldered Glass Art Jewelry

Well, at least when it comes to how I make my jewelry. I've learned so much from other people about how they create their pieces, that I want to help others in their jewelry making journey. Also, when people find out my monetary investment as well as the work that goes into each piece, I think they gain a better understanding and appreciation for handmade items.

Being a watercolor artist for 15 years, and now a jewelry designer for five years, I've come up with a way to wear my watercolor paintings as jewelry. I've combined my passion for watercolor painting with my passion for jewelry making. After painting and signing my miniature artwork, I create a frame using glass and solder.

Let me show you what I've done.
All photos by Gayle Dowell
Kansas Coneflower See all 5 photos Kansas Coneflower First Get the Right ToolsAny art medium or craft takes practice. Learning to control and master a craft takes time. Using the right tools and quality materials gives better results while practicing, keeping frustration to a minimum.

My first advice is to find a good quality soldering iron that allows temperature control. Buying different sized soldering tips allow work on different sized pieces. For jewelry I use a small tip, 1/8 inch. I use the Weller 100 watt soldering iron.
Purchasing a thermostat keeps the soldering iron at a constant temperature. A good heavy soldering stand is a must for safety. I have one that includes a sponge to keep my soldering iron tip clean. A third hand or some type of large clip are good for holding my piece while I solder as it keeps my hands from getting burned from the iron or the work as it heats up.

Soldering ToolsWeller 100 Watt Soldering Iron- Stained Glass SuppliesThis is the Soldering Iron that I use. You should get a 100 watt iron.
Buy Now Heavy Duty Soldering Iron StandBeing a safety nut, I purchased a stand to keep my hot iron off my desk and my lap!
Buy Now Eurotool Third Hand With Tweezers - HOL-165.00These are handy to have to keep fingers from getting burned. I use mine to hold my piece while I work.

Buy Now About the Third Hand
I have found that I can use a few clothes pins (the ones with the springs) easier and better than messing with a third hand. I put one or two, depending on the size of the piece I'm working on, close to the bottom so that it keeps the piece standing up while I work.
The Lamb See all 5 photos The Lamb Next Gather Up Some Basic SuppliesBesides tools that will last, supplies will be needed for creating the piece. Glass tiles, jewelry grade lead-free solder, adhesive backed copper tape, gel soldering flux, steel wool, solder polish, an old paint brush, and a bone folder are just some of the basic supplies that are needed besides the artwork that will be placed between the glass.

Glass tiles can be found in all shapes and sizes, beveled or not beveled, and colored or clear.
It's important to calculate the thickness of the piece with the art and the two pieces of glass before purchasing copper tape as the tape comes in different thicknesses depending on the thickness of the piece. Silver back copper tape is good to use if the piece is transparent and the back can be seen through the art.

It is best to match the adhesive side of the tape color with the resulting color of your solder. If the piece will be darkened with chemicals, use the black backed tape. For my work any copper tape will work as I fill the whole glass area with my art and the back cannot be seen through the piece.
For a more decorative look, wavy copper tape is available.

Using a gel flux is recommended as liquid flux can leak under the adhesive to your art between the glass.
There are different types of solder, be sure to use lead-free solder if making jewelry. I use Canfield Silvergleem. It produces a high shine and contains a good amount of sterling silver. It melts at 430F and has instant freeze which lets the artist sculpt designs with the solder.

I've also used Canfield - DGS which is a less expensive alternative, but is still lead-free, contains some silver and is easy to use.
Glass Tiles for Soldered ArtRanger Inkssentials Memory Glass, Clear Rectangle, 1-Inch by 3-Inch, 24/PkgRectangular pendants are popular. These rectangle memory glass tiles are a great size for pendants for necklaces.

Buy Now Copper TapeAn assortment of copper tapes in different widths to accommodate different glass thicknesses for different projects. You need to measure your two pieces of glass with your art inserted between. Use a tape thickness that will give you about 1/8" extra overlap on both sides, or a total of 1/4" extra.

1/2 inch x 55 yds Copper Foil Tape - (12mm x 50m) EMI Shielding Conductive Adhesive TapeAmazon carries many different widths of copper foil tapes for all thicknesses of work. Be sure to check them out.
Buy Now Flux and Other SuppliesLead Free Silvergleem Solder Wire - 1/2 Lb SpoolLead free solder is best for jewelry. I use the Silvergleem because of the higher silver content over other solders.

Buy Now Classic 100 Gel Flux - 8 OzFlux helps the metal solder to adhere to the copper tape more readily.
Buy Now Stormy Seas See all 5 photos Stormy Seas Resources for Soldered ArtLearning how to solder is easy if you have the right resources to learn. The following book and video are the resources I used to learn how to do this project.

Pretty Little Things: Collage Jewelry, Trinkets and KeepsakesThis is the book that I used in learning how to do this type of project . Several great projects using not only glass tiles but other glass surfaces.
Buy Now Soldering VideosGreat how-to videos that I used to learn the techniques of soldering.

Practice First to PerfectionThe above video will help you learn how to use the soldering iron and how to put together the piece for soldering. After watching the video and gaining information on the process of soldering, it would be good to practice soldering skills before starting on a masterpiece!

There is a definite learning curve. Stay relaxed and apply the solder with a light, controlled and consistent touch. Use a thin layer of solder and build up from there. After soldering use steel wool and polish to bring out a nice shine.
Strength of Faith See all 5 photos Strength of Faith Go the Next Step and Add EmbellishmentsAfter soldering, embellishments can be added. I use craft wire and shape it into a bail using round nose pliers. I use metal embellishments that are premade and also make my own from wire.

Embellishments add a nice touch and make each piece even more unique.
Silver Metal Embellishments and WireA collection of assorted embellishments will inspire creativity. Keeping these on hand is always a good idea to generate new ideas. If you do not have or can't find silver-toned embellishments to use, I have used brass and copper metal embellishments and coated the metal with gel flux and a thin coat of solder to match the soldered edges of my glass art.

eCrafty EC-5633 Jewelry Maker's Stamped Metal Charms and Pendants Mix, 50gmI've used non-silver embellishments and coated the metal with a thin coating of solder after a coating of gel flux. Works well for simple designs.
Buy Now

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Best Price for Bling Jewelry Angel Wings Dangle Earrings 925 Sterling Silver

Bling Jewelry Angel Wings Dangle Earrings 925 Sterling Silver

Bling Jewelry Angel Wings Dangle Earrings 925 Sterling Silver

Look breathtaking and heavenly when you wear our enchanting Silver Angel Wings Dangle Earrings. Finely crafted with high polished .925 sterling silver, these divine yet inexpensive angel wings earrings feature an gorgeous double feather detailing with two small silver beads on top that dangles heavenly off your ears with a French wire back. These pair of sterling silver dangle earrings will make you look stunning and trendy with any outfit you wear. Become an alluring angel when you wear these pair of elegant yet affordable feather earrings, which also make a great gift for anyone on your holiday list.

List Price : $73.99 Price : $35.99

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Angel wings jewelry
.75in L x .5in W
.925 Sterling Silver
Total Weight 3.8 grams
pierced ears only

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Viral Video Branding - Chasing the Elusive Unicorn

They often delve into viral campaigns without fully understanding the intricacies of viral video branding; an ill-conceived viral video can ultimately damage brand image.
But fret not, we're here to clear up some common misconceptions.
Misconception 1: Viral videos require less time, effort and money to produce.
For some strange and obscure reason, many people (yes, marketers too) seem to believe that these videos require less time and effort to produce. Snap out of those thoughts, because a truly successful video requires meticulous planning, great consumer insight as well as an appropriate budget in order to make it all work out-unless you're lucky enough to get the right mix of elements such as content and timing right ALL the time.

The Old Spice video is a good case in point. It comes across as a low budget viral video advertisement. But guess what, a lot of effort, time and resources were spent in making it all happen.
In short, viral videos require more time, effort and money than many think they require.
Misconception 2: Viral is always GOOD.
Many viral video marketers are quick to glorify the successes of their videos. But it takes an astute critic to realise that they have seriously downplayed the possibility of the viral video backfiring on your brand. Instead of building the brand, a backfiring viral video can amass negative buzz which eventually damages the brand.

The bad news is that there is no accurate way to control or predict the outcome of the video. Consider the case of Sony, the creators of the award-winning PlayStation brand. Sony is a company celebrated for their creativity and innovation. The company decided to employ a viral marketing agency Zipatoni to create a viral video to drum up interest for their new handheld device the PlayStation Portable.
Everything took a turn for the worse from there. The video was so terrible that fans took it out against Sony on the social media sites.

Sony removed the video shortly. Making the following press statement.
"Busted. Nailed. Snagged. As many of you have figured out (maybe our speech was a little too funky fresh???), Peter isn't a real hip-hop maven and this site was actually developed by Sony. Guess we were trying to be just a little too clever. From this point forward, we will just stick to making cool products, and use this site to give you nothing but the facts on the PSP." Sony Computer Entertainment America

Fortunately for you, we found a surviving copy of the video on Youtube! P.S: Disengage from source immediately if you experience any form of discomfort.
Misconception 3: The odds of a viral video is considerably high.
It might seem true to the man on the street that viral videos tend to have a high rate of success. Not surprising, given the fact that we've seen spectacular examples in recent years (especially those awesome Superbowl ads). Perhaps this has encouraged brand managers to be extremely optimistic with regard to viral videos' success rates.

But let's not sugarcoat the truth any further. Success is not guaranteed, even if a Brand engages a reputable viral video marketing agency.
Millward Brown, a Brand and Marketing Research firm conducted a research study which involved 102 video ads. The study revealed that only 15% of videos eventually become viral.
To Chase or Not to Chase?
The promise of viral campaigns are alluring indeed. Viral campaigns offer unprecedented levels of consumer engagement and massive levels of word-of-mouth marketing. But in order for it to all work out for the Brand, the Brand manager must have realistic expectations and prudent planning.

The fundamentals of marketing still stand; the expenditure on the Viral Campaign must be in some way relevant and justifiable to the core business.
With some common sense, and lots of planning, we hope brand managers will never make another mistake like this again.

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Looking for a Replacement for Your factory Jeep Soft Top

Safari Jeep Soft Top

The safari soft top is an extra large size bikini; the sun lighter top allows the partial entry of the sun but protects you from burning conditions and it is water resistant.

Bikini Jeep Soft Top

The bikini top wind jammer in which a wind jammer is added to the bikini top and it avoids the heavy wind blowing into the jeep. The attached duster protects the jeep from pollution.

Flip Jeep Soft Top

The flip top soft top in which you can enjoy the summer drive the flip top option helps you to open and close the top during the travel.

You must purchase the jeep soft top from the expert manufacturers as they provide the jeep soft tops with high quality material and more durable. While purchasing the jeep soft top the model and frame of the jeep must be considered. Normally the life span of the jeep soft top is three to five years and it can be reduced or increased with the help of proper maintenance. The fabric part must be cleaned with the soap water and to remove the dirt and debris you can use the soft brush as the hard bristles would damage the fabric material and avoid using the petroleum products as cleaning agents as it will ruin your jeep soft top. The windows are made up of plastic and so it must be cleaned with the soft towel to avoid the cracks. You can use the lubricant oil to clean the zippers. The cleaning and maintenance must be made regularly for every 30 to 90 days. The main areas are the fabric, zipper and the windows. Some of the cleaning agents used are the protectant, and the oil.

The jeep soft top is made up of PVC and by using the protectants regularly you can increase the life of the soft top. Garaging the jeep makes reduces the exposure to dust. Avoid using the house hold items for cleaning as that provides damage to your jeep soft top. Select the industry experts before buying the jeep soft top as the thread and the stitching used is of high quality material. Make sure you buy a high quality and durable jeep soft top.

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Pantun Lucu Gokil Kocak Banget

Bicara tentang pantun memang banyak jenis kategorinya dan pantun sendiri sangat akrab di telinga orang Indonesia .Pantun adalah Sebuah bentuk Puisi Lama yang sangat luas dikenal dalam bahasa bahasa nusantara yang terdiri dari 8 sampai dengan 12 Suku kata dan Pantun sendiri adalah budaya asli Indonesia yang perlu kita lestarikan akan keberadaannya.

Adapun jenis pantun yang paling digemari adalah Pantun Jenaka atau Pantun Humor karena selain dapat dijadikan hiburan, pantun yang satu ini sangat gampang dan gak akan ngebosenin pendengarnya karena merupakan suatu hiburan yang menyenangkan.

Berikut kami sajikan Pantun Humor Lucu Banget yang bisa dijadikan hiburan atau lawakan yang bisa membuat si pendengar bisa tertawa dan sedikitnya bisa melupakan permasalahan yang ada ataupun bisa menghilangkan kesedihan walaupun sejenak.hehe

Jinak-jinak burung merpati
lebih jinak burung lelaki
burung merpati dipegang  lari
burung lelaki dipegang berdiri

Teluk Bayur banyak ikan
penjual jamu berbaju batik
Dengan jujur kukatakan
kamu itu sungguh cantik

Kelap-kelip lampu diskotik
ada musik tambah asik
Gimana mau nilai apik
makannya cuma keripik

Malam hari main kulintang
ditemani sobat sobat tersayang
Gimana hati kagak bimbang
kepala botak minta dikepang

Jalan-jalan ke Kota Arab
jangan lupa membeli kitab
cewek sekarang tidak bisa diharap
bodi bohai betis berkurap

Kalo mau menanam padi
paling pas saat cuaca berawan
aku memang belum mandi
tapi tetap cantik rupawan

Ada udang di atas batu
ada batu dalam perahu
jangan engkau jauh dariku
aku akan selalu sayang padamu

Mencari pekerjaan sekarang susah
keterampilan harus sering diasah
suara kamu kalo mendesah
membuat abang mandi basah

Orang gila makan apem
putus rokok mulut asem
udah pipi kamu tembem
ketek kamu bau ASEM

Ada botol masuk dicelana
kukira konci ternyata burung garuda
ada odol nempel dikaa
dasar dodol emang yg baca

Disini bingung, Disana linglung
mangnya enak, enggak nyambung

Hanya itu Pantun Lucu yang bisa kami sajikan semoga membuat anda tertawa

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Why Stay At Home Long Lines For Movie Rentals If You Can Rent Them Online

Netflix movies can be selected the net. They are then mailed to users and should arrive within one to 2 days. If a person wants in order to the wait, they can make the Watch Now feature and begin streaming the film and watch it proper away. Streaming movies is faster than retrievals. Users can begin watching movies quickly rather than waiting for this to click here to download.

This was an wonderful time to drive out your closets and . Clean up some unused pieces of jewelry, DVDs, or that forgotten but-still-in-excellent-condition bedside table and put it on EBay to current market. If you have a pastime like candle making or work burning, you may decide to explore sites like website and choose to open a small on-line shop to sell your merchandise. Listings are very minimal and wish just start a new business for your own situation!

More Than Movies: Really are quite likely looking to watch all the flicks you want for free; however how great is that it to be able to download movies, games, music, and even television shows for automobile price. It is amazing thats a VIP membership will move you!

Another thing to remember if you're renting movies online, is to make sure they suggest to a good regarding titles in your genre. The film and Display ranges vary by each company. Some also possess a bigger range of DVDs on Blu Ray than others. When you search for rentals, you could add them as you go to your online cart.

Picture quality is extremely as to tell the truth. Spending all that time downloading Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the Crystal Skull only come across its quality unwatchable was really a serious total waste of time and your money. Make sure that the service offer DVD quality movie downloads.

First of all, anyone could have to determine at the time you for you to go to in order to watch a movie for free. Is it so hard actually pay to watch a flick? Don't get me wrong, I agree that theater prices and DVD prices have gone up.

The option to watch on-line full-length movies allows a person have something to watch whether both at home and on the move. It takes some research to weigh up which sites went right like best, however the time spent cause a good source of free full-length movies.

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Used Car Or New Car Buy A New Or A Used Car

Should you buy a new car or a used car, and what is the difference? This first answer is to purchase what you feel best for yourself, since many people would never buy a used car on principle, and others feel the same way about used cars.
However, if you have an open mind on the matter then the question of new or used car can be discussed rationally. If you are unsure whether you should buy a new car or a used car, here are some factors that you may want to take into consideration.

Benefits of Buying a New Car
a) There is little more satisfactory than having a gleaming brand new car delivered to your home. You are that vehicle's first owner - and the neighbors cannot miss it!
b) You will have next to nothing to pay for maintenance for the initial few thousand miles. You can be sure that your exhaust, brakes and tires will be in top condition and not fail on you with an hour of sitting in the driver seat.

c) Any problems that do arise will be covered by your warranty, and your deal will likely include a few regular maintenance checks thrown in. If not, then your negotiating skills need honed!
d) Your warranty should last a minimum of three years. If anything goes wrong during that period it is the up to the manufacturer and dealer to fix it between them. Keep in mind that the wording of warranties can never overrule the general protection you have with respect to the vehicle being fit for purpose (so-called lemon laws) - so you are covered two ways.

Lemon laws do not apply to pre-owned cars.
e) When you purchase a new car you can choose your options - color, trim and so on, and also your extras in terms of gadgets and other enhancements. With a used car you get what you get.
f) Buying a new car enables you to more easily to keep owning new cars. The trade-in price after 2-3 years is high enough to enable you to put a good deposit down on another new car and continue paying your finance without much extra added on.

Disadvantages of a New Car
a) You lose a good proportion of equity as soon as you turn the key! Your new car will lose at least 12% of its value in the first year, and probably more if your mileage is high.
b) Insurance will be higher for a new car than for a used car of the same model. This could be a significant expense.
New or Used Car: Advantages of a Used Car
A lot depends on the age of your used car and on its mileage. The resale price of a car drops with each year of its age, although mileage is also a significant factor. A three year old car previously owned by a pastor is likely to be in better shape than a two year old car driven by a mad traveling salesman! Here are some other factors:

If you can purchase a used car from a certified pre-owned program, then you are buying a car in an almost new condition. It has been properly serviced, and any problems resolved being sold. Often associated with late-model luxury cars, they typically include an extended warranty and beneficial financing options.

Because of the rapid drop in equity of new cars, the new car or a used car debate swings heavily towards the used car for those with limited funds. There is no doubt that you get more car for your cash when you buy a pre-owned car. You can buy a good gadget-filled used SUV for the price of a new small 2-door car.

Disadvantages of Buying a Pre-owned Car
You must know what you are buying, because lemon laws do not apply to used cars. Take a good mechanic with you when you inspect a used vehicle of any type, and buy with your head, not with your eyes.
Be prepared to pay for necessary maintenance and repairs during your first year of ownership. Make sure you have some form of seller's warranty, although they can be difficult to enforce if you purchase from an individual, which brings us to. . .

Always buy a pre-owned car from a dealer who will offer you a warranty. This at least offers you some kind of security against everything falling apart on your first outing with the vehicle. Most people selling cars do so in good faith, but second-hand cars didn't get their name for nothing.

So - New or Used Car?
Whether you should buy a new car or a used car is nobody's decision but your own. If you are unsure, think of what you need from your car and how much money you have. If your budget is tight, then you can get more car for your money buying used. If not, then buying new might appear to be the best choice.

The choice is yours, but make sure you get the best deal you can, whatever you select - a new or used car.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Rangkaian Nama Nama Bayi Perempuan Islami Modern Dan Artinya

Setelah mempostingkan Kumpulan Nama Nama Bayi Islami Laki Laki Modern sepertinya tidak sempurna jika kami tidak mempostingkan Rangkaian Nama Nama Bayi Perempuan Islami Modern Dan Artinya yang bisa jadi bahan pertimbangan atau rujukan bagi calon orang tua yang lagi bingung untuk memberikan nama sang buah hatinya yang tentunya ingin menamai anaknya sebaik mungkin.sebagai orang tua kita tidak boleh asal asalan memberikan nama kepada anak kita, sebagai orang tua kita haruslah bijak memberikan nama kepada bayi kita selain enak di ucapkan dan didengar nama juga harus memiliki arti yang baik menurut agama.

Menamai anak dengan kata kata islami merupakan salah satu keharusan bagi umat islam karena seperti yang sudah diketahui nama itu merupakan doa yang mana bisa jadi permohonan kita sebagai orang tua supaya anaknya kelak menjadi orang yang berguna bagi kedua orang tua,agama,dan bangsa.

Berikut Rangkaian Nama Nama Bayi Perempuan Islami Modern Dan Artinya yang dapat anda simak dan dapat bermanfaat untuk kita semua


AFIFA FITIYA : Anak perempuan yang suci dan memiliki harga diri

AFRA NAILA ARKARNA : Anak perempuan sebagai anugerah di malam ke-13 bulan purnama yang menerangi hati

 AINA TALITA ZAHRAN : Mata seorang gadis yang berkilau

AINIYA FAIDA AZMI : Anak yang memiliki ketegaran hati dan bermanfaat bagai pohon rimbun yang bersemi

AINUN MAHYA : Mata yang bersinar

AISHA ALIFA : Keramahtamahan yang hidup

AISHA FARHANA :  Anak perempuan yang hidup dan bergembira

AKIFA NAILA : Wanita yang rajin beritikaf di masjid dan suka memberi.


BADRIYYA SHALIHA : Anak perempuan yang cantik dan sholihah

BAHIYYA ATIQA FAIHA : Anak perempuan yang cantik yang memiliki keindahan dan banyak kelebihan

BAITI DURRIYA : Rumahku adalah cahaya mutiara

BALQIS ADZRA : Ratu yang terhormat.

BARIA KAMILIA : Anak perempuan yang bagaikan pepohonan yang selalu hijau dan unggul

BASIMA SHALIHA : Senyuman anak perempuan yang shalihah

BASIMA WARDATUL ZHAHIRA : Anak perempuan yang tersenyum bagai bunga mawar yang bercahaya

BASYASYA AFIFA Anak perempuan yang memiliki wajah berseri-seri sedang mensucikan diri


DALIYA ZAHRA KHASIEB :Anak perempuan yang bagaikan bunga pohon anggur yang subur

DARY ARRIFDA : Anak perempuan pemberi pertolongan yang lemah lembut

DIANA SYAUQIA : Anak perempuan yang bagaikan agama yang dirindukan

DURRRIYA NAILA TALITA : Gadis yang suka memberi bagaikan cahaya mutiara

DZAKIYYA TALITA SAKHI : Gadis cerdas yang murah hati


FADYA JAMIL ANNIDA     Seruan indah yang menyelamatkan

FAIDA ANNAILA     Pemberian yang bermanfaat

FAIHA NADA ZALFA     Anak perempuan yang bagaikan embun di kulit mutiara yang banyak kelebihannya

FAIZA ALYA AZIZA     Pemenang yang tinggi dan mulia

FAJRA NADA NADIFA     Anak perempuan yang bagaikan embun pagi yang bersih

FAKHIRA SALWA NABILA     Burung puyuh yang bagus dan cerdik

FANY AZHAR AZIZA     Bunga yang fana dan mulia


HAFIZA KHAIRA LUBNA     Kebaikan dan kecerdasan yang terpelihara kesuciannya

HAIFA AISH FAIHA     Anak perempuan yang ramping dan memiliki banyak kelebihan

HAMDA SAKHIA     Anak perempuan yang banyak bersyukur dan murah hati

HANA AISH SALMA     Anak perempuan yang bahagia dan selamat

HANA KHAIRUNNISA     Sebaik-baiknya anak perempuan yang bahagia

HANIA SYAKIRA     Ucapan selamat dan rasa syukur

HANIFA RASYIDA     Muslimah yang teguh dan tegar

HASNA NABILA     Anak perempuan yang cantik dan cerdik


IFFA ASTILA RAHMA    Anak perempuan yang memiliki keturunan yang baik, rasa hormat dan kasih sayang

IFTINA ASSYABIYA RAFIFA    Gadis kecil yang berakhlk baik yang mengagumkan.

ILMI SUHAIMA     Anak perempuan yang memiliki ilmu tentang keberuntungan.

IMA SHABIRA    Pemimpin yang penyabar.

INAYA AZMI ATHIFA    Anak perempuan yang memiliki perhatian  keteguhan hati dan perasaan.

INAYA RAFA  Anak perempuan yang memiliki perlindungan yang tinggi.


JANNATU SAUQIYA   Anak perempuan bagaikan surga yang dirindukan

JARIA SALSABILA : Amal yang tak terputus laksana mata air surga

JAUHARA ZAHRANI   Anak perempuan yang bagaikan permata yang berkilauan

JAUZA JAHIRA   Anak perempuan yang bagaikan buah kenari yang berkilau.

JIHAN TALITA ULFA  Gadis berwawasan luas yang ramah


KARIMA HAURA ZUHDA     Anak perempuan berkulit putih yang mulia dan rendah hati

KHADZIYA NISRINA     Bunga mawar putih yang harum baunya

KHAIRA TALITA RUMI     Gadis yang baik hati laksana seorang penyair Ibnu Rumi.

KHAIRUNNISA SALSABILA     Sebaik-baiknya wanita laksana mata air surga

KHALIFA SAKHI     Anak perempuan sebagai pemimpin yang murah hati

KHANSA SABIHA     Semoga seperti seorang pejuang muslimah yang wajahnya berseri-seri

KHATAMI SAHIRA     Mata air terakhir


LAIMUNA HAURA HASNA     Gadis berkulit putih yang cantik laksana jeruk yang manis

LATIFA QOTRUNNADA     Anak perempuan yang lembut bagaikan tetesan embun

LUJNA KAMILA     Bukit datar yang ditumbuhi pepohonan yang selalu hijau

LUQYANA FARHA     Perjumpaan kita yang menggembirakan

LUTHFIA NISRINA     Gadis yang lembut bagaikan bunga mawar putih

LUTHFIA ZAHRA TALITA     Gadis lemah lembut yang selalu berseri-seri


MAHDIYATU SYAUQIYA     Anak perempuan yang selalu rindu mendapatkan hidayah

MAHIRA HASNA KAMILA     Kepandaian dan kecantikan yang sempurna

MAISYARA SALSABILA     Ketenangan mata air surga

MARDIYATU EL-HAZIMA     Anak perempuan yang teliti dan mendapatkan keridhoan Allah

MAWADDATU SHIFWA     Kasih sayang seorang sahabat akrab

MUAZARA ULFA     Anak perempuan yang mendapatkan pertolongan dari persahabatan

MUFIDA SALSABILA     Anak perempuan yang bermanfaat laksana mata air surga


NAFLA SYAKIRA     Bunga matahari yang pandai bersyukur

NAILA MUAZARA ULFA     Anak perempuan yang baik hati dan murah hati

NAJWA KHAIRA WILDA     Bisikan kebaikan dari seorang bidadari

NAURA HASNA ANNIDA     Anak perempuan yang mempesona bagai bunga yang indah

NAURA NADHIFA AKMAL     Bunga yang bersihnya lebih sempurna

NIDA RANIA FAJRIA     Seruan yang mempesona di pagi hari

NUDA BAHIRA RAMADHANI     Pelangi yang indah di bulan Ramadhan


QONITA ISMAN TAQIYYA     Anak perempuan yang taat kepada suami dan bertaqwa kepada Tuhannya

QOSAMA AFKAR BASHIRA     Keindahan dari buah pikiran yang bijaksana

QOTRUNNADA SALSABILA     Tetesan embun dari mata air surga


RAFIA FATINA     Anak perempuan anggun yang menarik perhatian

RAFIFATU RIFDA     Anak perempuan yang berakhlak baik dan suka memberi pertolongan

RAHIMA TALITA SHALIHA     Gadis baik yang penuh kasih sayang

RAHMA SHAFIYYA     Kasih sayang dari seorang kawan yang tulus

RAIDA FAKHIRA     Pemimimpin perempuan yang membanggakan

RAIHANA YASMINA FAIHA     Bunga melati yang harum dan memiliki banyak kelebihan

RANIATU JANNA     Petunjuk jalan yang lurus di bukit Marwa

RASYIDATU MARWA     Anak perempuan baik budi dan menarik hati

RASYIDATU NAJA     Petunjuk yang menuju keselamatan

RASYIDATU SHAFA     Petunjuk jalan yang lurus di bukit Shafa

RAUDHATU JANNA     Taman surga


SAKINATU MARWA     Ketengangan saat berada di bukit Marwa

SALIMA NAZIHA     Anak perempuan yang selamat dan bersih dari noda

SALSABILA NADHIFA     Mata air surga yang bersih

SALWA ZAKIYYA     Burung puyuh yang tumbuh dengan baik

SAYYIDA HAKAMA     Pemimpin perempuan yang bijaksana

SAYYIDATU HAIBA     Pemimpin perempuan yang berwibawa

SHOFIE SALSABILA     Mata air surga yang jernih

SUHAILA ILMA NAFIA     Kemudahan dalam mendapatkan ilmu yang bermanfaat

SUKAINA FARIHA     Anak perempuan yang tenang dan periang

SYAFIYYA RAHMA     Seorang teman yang tulus penuh kasih sayang

SYAWWAL HUSNAYAN     Bulan Syawwal yang penuh kemenangan

SYIFA SAUQIYA     Anak perempuan laksana obat penawar rindu


TAHANY SYAKIRA     Ucapan selamat dan rasa syukur

TALITA HASNA HUMAIRA     Gadis yang cantik yang pipinya kemerah-merahan

TAMIMATU EL-QAIDA     Pemimimpin perempuan yang kuat

TASMIRA KAMIL     Permata yang indah dan sempurna

TASNIM THUFAILA     Angin semilir yang lembut dan halus

TSABITA SHIFWA     Sahabat yang memiliki keteguhan hati


UFAIRA NUR AFIFA     Anak perempuan pemberani yang memancarkan cahaya kesucian diri

ULFA ALIYA FITRI   Anak perempuan sebagai anugerah di malam ke-13 bulan purnama yang menerangi hati

ULFA KHAIRUNNISA     Sebaik-baiknya wanita yang ramah terhadap orang lain

ULFA RAHMA HAYATI     Wanita yang penuh rasa persahabatan dan kasih sayang dalam kehidupanku

UZDA JAMILA     Anak perempuan yang memiliki kelebihan yang indah

UZDA SHAFIYYA     Kawan yang tulus dan memiliki kelebihan


WAFIYATU WARDA     anak perempuan yang bagaikan bunga mawar yang sempurna

WARDA FATINA     Bunga mawar yang mengagumkan

WAZIRA HUWAIDA     Menteri wanita yang lemah lembut


YAFIA AZHAR     Bunga-bunga yang tinggi

YASMINA KHAIRUNNISA     The best woman like jasmine

YUMNA FARIHA     Anak perempuan yang mendapatkan keberuntungan dan kebahagian

YUSRIYYA KAMILA     Anak perempuan yang bagaikan kemudahan yang sempurna


ZAHIDA QALBI NADHIFA     Anak perempuan rendah hati yang memiliki hati yang bersih

ZAHIRA FAIRUZ     Anak perempuan yang bercahaya bagaikan permata

ZAHIYA KAMILIA     Indah bagaikan pepohonan yang selalu hijau

ZAHRA ALMAIRA RAHMAN     Putri (kerajaan) bunga yang penuh kasih

ZAHRA AMIRA RAHMANI  Anak perempuan yang bagaikan Bunga yang memimpin dengan kasih sayang

ZAHRATU NIDA     Bunga yang mempesona

ZALFA NAQIYYA     Permukaan mutiara yang jernih

ZARA NADIA AKHYAR     Fajar menyingsing yang mengawali segala kebaikan  

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Viral Marketing - Free, Word-of-mouth Advertising

Implement any of the following effective viral marketing strategies to increase your market reach - viral opt-in list promotion, viral reciprocal linking and viral web site advertising. There are many procedures to accomplish a result-oriented viral marketing campaign and enhance your web presence - social networking, book marking, online directory submission, article distribution, video/audio distribution, forum marketing, blog marketing, email marketing and Forum management/promotion. Other viral marketing services include:
Analytics tracking and reporting
Viral concept and design
Viral content development or management
Strategic viral marketing consulting
Viral campaign strategy & development

Benefits of Viral Marketing

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Saturday, 12 July 2014

What you need to know for Sugoi Firewall 180 Damen, terracotta red (Size: XS) running jacket

Sugoi Firewall 180 Damen, terracotta red (Size: XS) running jacket

Sugoi Firewall 180 Damen, terracotta red (Size: XS) running jacket

  • Jacket:
    • category: Running jacket
    • Type: soft-shell coat
    • Coating: midlayer / thermo coating
    • Tailored: feminine & comfortable/ light
    • Waterproof: Water repellent
    • windproof: wind deflecting
  • Season:
    • season: Winter
  • Material:
    • Over Fabric: 100% Polyester
  • Processing:
    • Stitching Type: flat seams
  • Equipment:
    • Reflector Types: Scotchlite
    • Reflective: rear
  • product specific size information: Normal Cut

List Price : $113.73 Price : $69.98

Here is why i think all of you should buy Sugoi Firewall 180 Damen, terracotta red (Size: XS) running jacket

Jacket-category: Running jacket
Jacket-Type: soft-shell coat
Season-season: Winter
Jacket-Coating: midlayer / thermo coating
Jacket-Tailored: feminine & comfortable/ light

Special for our fellow USA citizen, get big discount and fast USA shipping for Sugoi Firewall 180 Damen, terracotta red (Size: XS) running jacket this month.

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Why You Need A Professional To Handle A Cremation Process

A cremation process is quite demanding as there are legal documents which need to be prepared. You need to seek permits for cremating a body and considering the trying times you are going through, it is best if the process is handled by an expert.
The state government wants to ensure that there are no disputes, which surround the death of your family member. This is why permits and legal documents have to be presented before cremating the deceased. This ensures that all questions pertaining to death of a person are critically answered and there is no possibility of disputes arising when the process has already taken place.

Cremating a body is an irreversible process and this means that once it is done, should questions and objections arise thereafter, it can be complex to get solutions or answers. Another aspect which makes it essential for professionals to handle this cremating task is because it needs to be done safety.
When preparing to cremate the body of a deceased, the casket needs to meet the set standards.

It should be designed with materials which are combustible. Although the handles and other parts of a casket may be designed of metallic parts, these are removed during the actual burning of deceased remains. The intense heat which burns up the body may cause metallic and other objects to explode.

Things like peacemakers and other electronic gadgets, which may be found in a body should be removed. This ensures that explosions do not occur as they can damage the heating oven or furnace chamber. Other substances like fiber glass and plastic can emit dangerous chemicals which not only contaminate the environment but also cause health problems on people.

If family members do not want items like jewelry, necklaces and rings to be burned during the cremation, they are also removed. When the actual burning of a deceased body is done, the ashes are stored in a safe container or urn and an identification tag is labeled. This is to ensure that family members do not get the wrong ashes for their deceased person from the funeral home.

The ashes are transported to a funeral home and the family decides on what they would like to do with the ashes. In essence, a professional cremation company can offer a stress-free cremating process. And this means that you pay your last respect for a deceased one without a lot of emotional suffering.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Kumpulan SMS Kata Ucapan Selamat Tahun Baru 2015

Tahun Baru 2015 tinggal menghitung hari, biasanya tanggal 1 Januari menjadi momen khusus dalam memaknai pergantian tahun masehi, yakni dianggap sebagai waktu berharga untuk dilewatkan, karena hanya terjadi setahun sekali dan pada saat itu sering di aktualisasikan dengan rangkaian penyambutan yang sangat meriah penuh dengan warna warni sesuai dengan masing masing individu.
pada umumnya malam tahun baru sering dirayakan terutama oleh kalangan remaja dengan berpesta  untuk menyambut tahun baru dan dengan harapan semangat tahun baru bisa meningkat.di tahun baru ini harapan yang paling sering didengar adalah semoga  di tahun yang baru semua cita cita atau keinginan yang belum tercapai bisa terlaksana.

Bagi anda yang tidak sempat merayakan malam pergantian tahun baru mungkin jaman sekarang tak perlu khawatir ketinggalan  untuk berbagi kebahagiaan dengan sahabat,pacar ataupun dengan siapa saja dengan cara saling mengucapkan Kata Ucapan Tahun Baru 2015 melalui SMS,BBM,Status Facebook.

ucapan tahun baru 2015

Nah untuk itu kami disini akan coba menyajikan  Kumpulan Kata Ucapan Selamat Tahun Baru 2015 buat sahabat,pacar,keluarga ataupun yang lainnya:

Waktu terus berlalu, lembaran demi lembaran telah dilalui
Coretan demi coretan telah memenuhi
kadang tak berarti
kadang tanpa makna
atau hanya sedikit makna
Semoga di tahun ini setiap lembaran memiliki makna
setiap lembaran bermanfaat
Selamat tahun baru 2015
Semoga lebih sukses.

Tahun Baru
Tantangan Baru
Tujuan Baru
Masa Depan Baru
Misi Baru
dan Prospek Baru
Semoga sukses menyertaimu di Tahun Baru.

Jangan Sesali Masa Lalu
Jangan Kuatirkan masa Depan
Selalu ada Asa dan Harapan di Tahun Baru
Selamat Tahun Baru!!!
Ku selalu berharap,
sinar mentari menerangi hatimu.

Jangan Sesali Masa Lalu
Jangan Kuatirkan masa Depan
Selalu ada Asa dan Harapan di Tahun Baru
Selamat Tahun Baru!!!
Ku selalu berharap,
sinar mentari menerangi hatimu.

Detik berlalu, dan hari pun selalu berganti…
Fajar senantiasa menyingsing dari ufuk timur…
Jejak-jejak langkah menghiasi kehidupan…
Tangis serta tawa, bergulung bersama…
Ada yang disebut, ada pula yang kian terlupakan…
Satu lahir, maka yang lain pun pergi meninggalkan dunia fana ini…
Cerita dan kesan, telah terukir abadi dalam memori tiap insan…
Langkah kaki terus melangkah…
Menyongsong indah dan terangnya matahari…
Berharap akan dapat bertemu, dengan wujud harapan…
Semoga asa dan cita, segera mewujud dalam nyata…Selamat tahun Baru 2015.

JIWA akan sepi tanpa TEMAN.
HATI akan mati tanpa IMAN.
HARI ini adalah KENYATAAN,
Sucikan HATI,
Jernihkan PIKIRAN.
Sambutlah Tahun Baru dengan positif..,
Happy New Year 2015.

Selamat tinggal kenangan selamat datang harapan.
Serpihan malam bulan separuh, Jelang hari baru pertanda tiba.
Kembang api membuncah ke angkasa sambut tahun muda.
Selamat tahun baru.
Semoga lebih baik dibanding tahun sebelumnya.

Dengan berjalannya waktu, setiap pengalaman dalam hidup adalah pelajaran,
tapi cinta & peduli akan selalu menjadi kekuatan dalam bertahan hidup.
Selamat Tahun Baru 2015.

Esok adalah misteri,hanya harapan yang akan tetap hidup menerangi gelapnya misteri.
Jangan berhenti berharap meskipun tahun telah berganti karena itulah yang tetap membuat kita tetap tersenyum.
Selamat Tahun Baru 2015.

Semoga Kata Ucapan Selamat Tahun Baru 2015 di atas dapat memberikan insprirasi bagi anda semuanya

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Jadwal Liga Champions 2014/2015

Setelah menjalani babak kualifikasi liga champions telah memasuki fase penyisihan grup yang dibagi menjadi 8 grup mulai dari grup A sampai dengan grup H yang masing masing terdiri dari 4 klub terbaik. Liga Champions merupakan liga antar klub eropa paling bergengsi, karena pesertanya merupakan klub klub terbaik di negaranya masing masing,dan para klub top eropa bahu membahu dan melakukan segala cara untuk menjuarai liga champions ini,karena merupakan liga paling prestisius di dunia dan tentunya akan sangat mempengaruhi pendapatan bagi klub itu sendiri,bagi para klub top eropa liga champions ini merupakan target utama selain menjuarai liga dinegara masing masing.

Jadwal Pertandingan Liga Champions 2014/2015 pastinya sudah ditunggu tungu para pecinta sepakbola di seluruh dunia tak terkecuali di negara Indonesia,karena sepakbola sendiri merupakan olahraga paling populer di dunia.bagi pecinta sepakbola khususnya liga champions Indonesia tak perlu khawatir karena stasiun televisi SCTV akan secara rutin menyiarkan Pertandingan Liga Champions 2014/2015.

Dengan kekuatan yang hampir merata setiap klubnya liga champions dipastikan akan sangat seru untuk ditonton,untuk itu bagi anda yang belum mengetahui Jadwal Pertandingan Liga Champion 2014/2015 Lengkap dapat anda simak dibawah ini:

Jadwal Pertandingan Fase Grup Liga Champions 2014/2015

Selasa, 16 September 2014 (grup A,B,C,D)
Olimpiakos vs Atletico Madrid
Juventus vs Malmo
Liverpool vs Ludogorets
Real Madrid vs FC Basel
AS Monaco vs Bayer Leverkusen
Benfica vs Zenit St Petersburg
Galatasaray vs Anderlecht
Borussia Dortmund vs Arsenal

Rabu, 17 September 2014 (grup E,F,G,H)
AS Roma vs CSKA Moskwa
Bayern Muenchen vs Man. City
Barcelona vs APOEL
Ajax vs Paris Saint-Germain
Chelsea vs Schalke
NK Maribor vs Sporting Clube de Portugal
FC Porto vs BATE Borisov
Athletic Bilbao vs Shakhtar Donetsk

Selasa, 30 September 2014 (grup E,F,G,H)
Manchester City vs AS Roma
CSKA Moskwa vs Bayern Muenchen
Paris Saint-Germain vs Barcelona
APOEL vs Ajax
Sporting Clube de Portuga vs Chelsea
Schalke vs NK Maribor
Shakhtar Donetsk vs FC Porto
BATE Borisov vs Athletic Bilbao

Rabu, 1 Oktober 2014 (grup A,B,C,D)

Malmo vs Olimpiakos
Atletico Madrid vs Juventus
FC Basel vs Liverpool
Ludogorets vs Real Madrid
Zenit St Petersburg vs AS Monaco
Bayern Leverkusen vs Benfica
Arsenal vs Galatasaray
Anderlecht vs Borussia Dortmund

Selasa, 21 Oktober 2014 (grup E,F,G,H)
CSKA Moskwa vs Man. City
AS Roma vs Bayern Muenchen
APOEL vs Paris Saint-Germain
Barcelona vs Ajax
Schalke vs Sporting Clube de Portugal
Chelsea vs NK Maribor
BATE Borisov vs Shakhtar Donetsk
FC Porto vs Athletic Bilbao

Rabu, 22 Oktober 2014 (grup A,B,C,D)

Atletico Madrid vs Malmo
Olimpiakos vs Juventus
Ludogorets vs FC Basel
Liverpool vs Real Madrid
Bayer Leverkusen vs Zenit St Petersburg
AS Monaco vs Benfica
Anderlecht vs Arsenal
Galatasaray vs Borussia Dortmund

Selasa, 4 November 2014 (grup A,B,C,D)
Malmo vs Atletico Madrid
Juventus vs Olimpiakos
FC Basel vs Ludogorets
Real Madrid vs Liverpool
Zenit St Petersburg vs Bayer Leverkusen
Benfica vs AS Monaco
Arsenal vs Anderlecht
Borussia Dortmund vs Galatasaray

Rabu, 5 November 2014 (grup E,F,G,H)
Manchester City vs CSKA Moskwa
Bayern Muenchen vs AS Roma
Paris Saint-Germain vs APOEL
Ajax vs Barcelona
Sporting Clube de Portugal vs Schalke
NK Maribor vs Chelsea
Shakhtar Donetsk vs BATE Borisov
Athletic Bilbao vs FC Porto

Selasa, 25 November 2014 (grup E,F,G,H)
CSKA Moskwa vs AS Roma
Manchester City vs Bayern Muenchen
APOEL vs Barcelona
Paris Saint-Germain vs Ajax
Schalke vs Chelsea
Sporting Clube de Portugal vs NK Maribor
BATE Borisov vs FC Porto
Shakhtar Donetsk vs Athletic

Rabu, 26 November 2014 (grup A,B,C,D) 
Atletico Madrid vs Olimpiakos
Malmo vs Juventus
Ludogorets vs Liverpool
FC Basel vs Real Madrid
Bayer Leverkusen vs AS Monaco
Zenit St Petersburg vs Benfica
Anderlecht vs Galatasaray
Arsenal vs Borussia Dortmund

Selasa, 9 Desember 2014 (grup A,B,C,D)
Olimpiakos vs Malmo
Juventus vs Atletico Madrid
Liverpool vs FC Basel
Real Madrid vs Ludogorets
AS Monaco vs Zenit St Petersburg
Benfica vs Bayer Leverkusen
Galatasaray vs Arsenal
Borussia Dortmund vs Anderlecht

Rabu, 10 Desember 2014 (grup E,F,G,H)

AS Roma vs Manchester City
Bayern Muenchen vs CSKA Moskwa
Barcelona vs Paris Saint-Germain
Ajax vs APOEL
Chelsea vs Sporting Clube de Portugal
NK Maribor vs Schalke
FC Porto vs Shakhtar Donetsk
Athletic Bilbao vs BATE Borisov

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Unique Counter Top Paint

Counter tops are already a beautiful add on to your kitchen. Aside from its appeal, it gives you the benefit of saving space and of having an area where you could do anything that you need for food preparation. To have better counter top effects, you need to paint it to achieve a more vibrant appeal. The counter top paint can also serve as a protective coat on your counter tops. By painting them with the matching colors that you like, you'll be able to give them a better look plus you can protect it from any unwanted damage.

Counter Top Paint and the Other Things You Need

If you decide to paint your counter top on your own, then you need to get things organized first, the first step would be gathering all the materials you need to avoid any delay in time after you've started the counter top paint job. You need to look for the following items on a hardware store and canvass its prices to make you save more; here are the things you would need: water, ammonia, sandpaper, bonding primer, paint rollers, polyurethane sealer and any choice of color for your perfect counter top paint. If you have everything ready, then you can start beautifying your counter tops right away.

There are measures you need to do before applying your counter top paint. First off, you need to cleanse the counter area with half ammonia and half water solution. You have to rinse it well and let it dry for a couple of hours. After which, you need to sand the surface of the countertop to take the shine off but not the color.

The second step would entail rolling the primer and let it stay overnight if you can. Remember to stay away from the bubbles as it might cause an ugly blemish if you start to paint. Counter top paint can then be applied after a day's wait. You have to apply three full coatings and dry the paint thoroughly after each painting.

The fourth step would be applying the clear polyurethane sealer using two to three coats. Like the counter top paint, you need to dry every after one coat of the sealer. Lastly, you have to wait for a period of twenty-four hours before you can utilize your new counter top area.

Counter Top Paint: Some Tips and Warnings

During the application of a counter top paint, you need to remember a few tips and tricks to guide you in the painting process, and these are: tape off the areas which you wouldn't want to paint on, the kitchen could not be used for a couple of days while you are painting, allow proper ventilation to the area by opening windows, avoid chemical counter top paint reactions by wearing mask, gloves and goggles; and lastly, protect the newly painted area by avoiding scratches and stains.

Monday, 7 July 2014

What you need to know for InCharacter Costumes Duck Dynasty Willie, Brown Camo, One Size

InCharacter Costumes Duck Dynasty Willie, Brown Camo, One Size

InCharacter Costumes Duck Dynasty Willie, Brown Camo, One Size

Includes wig and bandana, beard, and vest

List Price : $27.99 Price : $17.58

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Duck dynasty costume featuring camo vest with back tie, logoed American flag bandana, and attached beard

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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Kata Mutiara Bijak Lucu Kocak Bikin Ngakak

Sudah pada mengetahui pada umumnya Kata Mutiara Bijak merupakan kata kata yang penuh dengan makna dan arti yang sangat berguna bagi kita sebagai manusia untuk menjalani kehidupan ini,selain berisikan nasehat kata bijak juga dapat menambah motivasi dan tentunya bisa melegakan hati jika kita bisa meresapi dengan benar.

Namun disini roromotan tidak akan menyajikan Kata Kata Bijak yang penuh makna,saat ini kami akan coba menyajikan Kata Mutiara Bijak Lucu Kocak  Bikin Ngakak yang tidak kalah manfaatnya untuk kita semua yang akan membuat kita tertawa ngakak kata mutiara lucu ini merupakan plesetan dari kata bijak dan bertujuan untuk menghibur.

Dari pada panjang lebar dan tak tentu arah langsung saja kita simak Kata Mutiara Bijak Lucu Kocak  Bikin Ngakak yang bisa jadi pelipur lara penghilang kesedihan dan sebagainya:

Uang tidak bisa membeli kebahagiaan, tapi mempunyai uang akan lebih bahagia dari pada tidak punya.

Jika ada orang yang menyebutmu jelek, maka jangan berputus asa karena belum tentu orang tersebut berkata bohong.

Sahabat terbaik adalah uang, karena dengan uang sahabat pun akan datang

Pandanglah langit untuk melihat kebesaran Tuhan, pandanglah laut untuk melihat anugerah dari Tuhan, dan pandanglah cermin untuk melihat kutukan dari Tuhan

Kegagalan adalah kesuksesan yang tertunda dan kebohongan adalah kejujuran yang tertunda

Semua orang ingin masuk surga, tapi banyak orang juga yang tidak ingin mati

Hal yang paling utama ketika mencari seorang calon suami adalah menemukan orang yang berkepribadian. Mobil pribadi, rumah pribadi dan kolam renang pribadi.

Menahan gelak tawa itu tidak sehat. Gelak tawa akan turun ke bawah dan membasahi celana Anda

Bermimpilah tentang apa yang ingin yang kamu impikan, jadilah seperti yang kamu inginkan. Karena bisa jadi itu memang hanya  mimpi

Jadilah diri anda sendiri, jika anda jelek maka syukurilah kejelekan diri anda

Semakin banyak belajar, semakin banyak yang kita tahu, Semakin banyak yang kita tahu, semakin banyak yang kita lupa, Semakin banyak yang kita lupa, semakin sedikit yang kita tahu. Jadi kenapa kita sibuk belajar
Sodara sodara mungkin hanya segitu  Kata Mutiara Bijak Lucu Kocak  Bikin Ngakak yang dapat kami berikan untuk anda, walaupun sedikit namun manfaatnya banyak itu yang menjadi harapan kami.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

The importance of Social Media Optimization has increased over the past few years

Large to small businesses have began to make use of social networking sites in order to create a buzz in the market. Using social media as a marketing tool requires a more dedication than some of the traditional methods. Viral Marketing is defined as the process of marketing materials and information via social networking.

This type of marketing uses pre-existing social networks to increase brand awareness by encouraging people to pass along a promotional message. It is an effective way of using word-of-mouth to achieve success.

The first step in viral marketing begins with good content (also known as viral content). All content that is spread through social networking sites should consist of real information' that catches the attention of users. Users are more likely to become more excited about things that benefit them in some type of way. If a message does not provide what they need, it is recommended that a company rethink their entire viral campaign.

Common on the viral marketing world is a concept known as blogging. For example, a company may post an article on a site such as Once the blog has been posted, the article is then tagged in a social network, and then begins to distribute elsewhere. Each time it is tagged more people see it, and then someone else tags it and it reaches more viewers. It is similar to applying the snowball effect to marketing.

Viral Marketing Tips
Do not feel the need to only create expensive advertisements
Make it easy for users to share your content
Make use of different types of social media sites
Sell your idea in a creative way

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CODANK is a top Charlotte Web Design and Internet Marketing Company located in Charlotte, NC. The company is dedicated to providing a broad range of web design services. CODANK specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Graphic Design, Online Marketing, and Web Design and Development.

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What you need to know for Ash Women's Shake Ter Fashion Sneaker,Desert Multi,38 EU/8 M US

Ash Women's Shake Ter Fashion Sneaker,Desert Multi,38 EU/8 M US

Ash Women's Shake Ter Fashion Sneaker,Desert Multi,38 EU/8 M US

List Price : $235.00 Price :

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List of top companies in India

It is an online research and consultancy website,which provides best answer for top companies query in India.List of top companies in India based on CEO,HR.

Get the list of top companies in India based on key executives in India and Locationwise.We can get the plenty of resources regarding the list of companies in Delhi,Companies in Bangalore,companies in pune.We can get elaborate addresses concerning India's top 1000 companies,MNCs in india,top IT companies in India.
Our website SalesIntegra offer the details about CEOs,CIOs,SMEs,HR head,Marketing head,Sales head,.This information can facilitate the client to contact the higher officers in huge industrial companies.This will enhance the Customer Relationship Management(CRM).We can get the top software companies list,Pharma companies in India,Real estate companies in India,Auto Ancillary in India,BPO companies in India , FMCG companies in India.
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Salesintegra offers fourth generation Sales Engine to empower the sales team to deliver 2X sales performance and it supports the management with Sales Intelligence tools to have an enhanced traction on deliverables.
Find the top companies of India supported the subsequent criteria:
Company by Entity:
* By Govt/Public Sector,
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* By Pvt Ltd Cos.

Level of Companies:
* India's Top 500,
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Companies in India:
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Key Executives of India
* MD / CEO
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Level of Companies:
* Top Electronic Dealers
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* Top Exporters , Importers
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Companies by Area:
* North India
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Industry wise
* Capital Goods , Machines
* Chemical
* Export , Import Houses
* Food , FMCG , Agriculture
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* Institutes , Training
* Retail