Monday, 30 June 2014

A Sealer Granite Counter Top

A base stone sealer which penetrates and seals significantly better than traditional silicone based sealers is required for a Sealer Granite Counter Top. It should seal with maximum penetration and protection. The sealer should be easy to use and odor less as well. Above all it should be able to protect the stone from the toughest staining agents.

Stone Sealers

Often stone sealers which are used as a Sealer Granite Counter Top physically impregnate the porous surface of the stone and as it cures the stone, it expands to fill the pores. Hence silicone based sealers should not be used, because they have a higher surface tension and therefore cannot fill the pores.

It is imperative that the Sealer Granite Counter Top should seal the surface pores completely, otherwise it is susceptible to stains from oil, water and acids. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the steps to seal the granite tip.


The Sealer Granite Counter Top should be applied uniformly to the counter top with a clean white rag. A brush can be used instead of a rag. Wait for about five minutes while the sealer is absorbed into the stone. Once it seems to have dried, apply some more sealer on the granite rubbing it in using a clean and dry rag.

Repeat the whole process on the next section of the stone till the entire counter top is sealed. A second application of Sealer Granite Counter Top is necessary, but after a gap of about two hours, depending on the instructions given by the brand of the sealer.

Take an area of about four to five square feet at a time and work on it. Two coats of Sealer Granite Counter Top are generally always recommended, even if the manufacturer advises otherwise. Once your stone is sufficiently sealed, just make a quick check to find out whether the sealing has been done completely. Spill water on the counter top and wait for half an hour and then wipe it off. If the stone does not become darker, the counter top has been well sealed.


The surface of granite is porous and hence the area has to be cleaned thoroughly and then dried before sealing. The drying may even have to happen overnight, depending on the quality and thickness of the granite.

The surface has to be completely sealed, before you apply the sealant. It is best to use a permanent sealer, but if you do not use one, the granite has to be resealed once every six months or a year.

Of course the Sealer Granite Counter Top is not required for all types of granite, because some granite which is very dense do not need to be sealed. But sometimes even they etch, and it is always better to seal it because then it is protected against all possible things that could cause it damage.

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